About Me

I’m a Chicago based Web, UI, UX & Visual Designer.

I have been a designer for over thirteen years and unlike many people I can say I truly love what I do. It’s always a special thrill to take a bunch of random information and organize it into something beautiful.

While I may have started as a simple web designer over the years I have evolved into a fully competent User Experience Designer. It's just one fact of the design process that I am constantly improving upon.

I would describe my design aesthetic as clean and minimal. Everything on the page serves a purpose. I also practice pixel-perfect linear design. If something doesn’t line up it drives me nuts.

While design is my passion, my first love will always be animation. Animation first drew me to the Illinois Institute of Art fifteen years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since Animation 101. My Flash skills defined the first half of my career.

I have worked with and for some of the best companies in the Chicago area.

I’m always looking for new projects and new challenges.

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