• Featured Project

    AMA Annual Meeting

    The AMA has an annual House of Delegates meeting and their original website needed to be updated. They wanted a responsive site that could be repuposed year after year. I also worked directly with the front end developer to make sure he was able to develop the pages the way I designed them. I conceptualized the mobile view as a part of the design process.

  • Featured Project

    Argonne National Laboratory

    I was contracted by Argonne National Laboratory to redesign their LDRD informational website. LDRD is a program that the Department of Energy uses to allow scientists to apply for grants in order to pursue addtional projects. My responsibilities included information architecture, user experience design & research as well as final visual design.

  • Featured Project

    3Points Communications

    Sleek, clean, minimalistic design for financial Public Relations Firm, 3 Points Communications. Currently, this is my favorite website in my portfolio because it forced me to design differently, I wasn’t able to use photography as the “wow” factor. The site was designed with typography, negative space and color. Even though it is a small site it was a unique challenge.

What I Do


I am well versed in all facets of web based design. I have skills as a User Experience Designer, Visual Desiger and User Interface Designer. I have the ability to see a project through from pencil sketch, to wireframes, prototyping all the way to final visual design. I also have experience in Interaction design as well. Over the years I have developed a design philosophy, “Just because it looks cool doesn’t mean it’s right for the user.”

Front End Developer

I don’t want to be misleading with the developer title. I am not a back end database developer, I am a designer who can do the front end builds all while achieving cross browser compatibility. I am skilled in HTML and CSS, and some Javascript.


I first discovered Flash animation in college and I have not looked back since. I have worked on banner ads, animated websites and I have even dabbled in Flash Video. Over the years I have developed very distinct sense of timing and style of motion. I am currently working to translate my Flash skills into Adobe Edge so my work can be visible across all platforms.