• Featured Project

    AMA Annual Meeting

    The AMA has an annual House of Delegates meeting and their original website needed to be updated. They wanted a responsive site that could be repuposed year after year. I also worked directly with the front end developer to make sure he was able to develop the pages the way I designed them. I conceptualized the mobile view as a part of the design process.

  • Featured Project

    Argonne National Laboratory

    I was contracted by Argonne National Laboratory to redesign their LDRD informational website. LDRD is a program that the Department of Energy uses to allow scientists to apply for grants in order to pursue addtional projects. My responsibilities included information architecture, user experience design & research as well as final visual design.

  • Featured Project

    MTC Perfromance

    MTC Performance has a very complex enterprise level application that tracks sales performance and manages contests for multiple sales teams. They wanted to simplify the look and feel of their dashboard to make it more engaging and add a responsive design to it. I redesigned their navigation and came up with a beautiful design.

  • Featured Project

    Wholesale Point

    I was contracted to do a total redesign on Wholesalepoint.com. It is a medical supply e-commerce website with over 10,000 products. The challenge was to update the site's information architecture and make the site more user friendly all while keeping the SEO in tact. When doing the designs I made it a point to go for the "flat" design style.

What I Do


I am well versed in all facets of web based design. I have skills as a User Experience Designer, Visual Desiger and User Interface Designer. I have the ability to see a project through from pencil sketch, to wireframes, prototyping all the way to final visual design. I also have experience in Interaction design as well. Over the years I have developed a design philosophy, “Just because it looks cool doesn’t mean it’s right for the user.”

Front End Developer

I don’t want to be misleading with the developer title. I am not a back end database developer, I am a designer who can do the front end builds all while achieving cross browser compatibility. I am skilled in HTML and CSS, and some Javascript.


I first discovered Flash animation in college and I have not looked back since. I have worked on banner ads, animated websites and I have even dabbled in Flash Video. Over the years I have developed very distinct sense of timing and style of motion. I am currently working to translate my Flash skills into Adobe Edge so my work can be visible across all platforms.